Corporate Social Responsability


CSR definition

The Corporate Social Responsibility is, according to the European commission, an approach where the company willingly integrates the social, ethical, environmental and economical preoccupations in its activity, but also in the interactions with the stakeholders.

The foundations of the CSR are the principles of accountability and transparency. Since its creation in 2001, ESTECH has always been sensible and has always witnessed its will to reduce its ecological footprint, links to its activity of design and modeling.

ISO 26 000 represent the roadmap of the CSR. It is articulated around the 36 main areas of action, from the 7 central questions : Human Rights, Relations and work conditions, Environment, loyalty of practices, questions about the consumers, the community and the development, and to finish the CSR governance.

To answer optimally to those 7 central questions, also named “pillars” of the CSR, ESTECH and INNOTECH have took commitments in CSR terms, while being in a process of continuous improvement. The key of the development in a long term resides in the respect of those commitments of the company, as well as its services, especially thanks to the dialog with the stakeholders.

By this step, ESTECH wishes

The policy of the societal and sustainable development are managed by the CSR mission leader and also by the Human Resources Manager, but also all the managers of the different poles of ESTECH with whom they are in interaction : design, workshop, business or accounting.

The CSR mission leader and the Human Resources Manager are in charge of taking into account the principles of sustainable development in the company’s policy and strategy. As such, they sensitize, federate and motivate all the stakeholders around concrete projects, report and communicate on actions and results obtained internally within the company and externally to our “sphere of of influence”. That is to say, all the parties likely to be influenced by our messages, our decisions as well as our actions.

In addition, the certification body and audit firm Bureau Veritas followed us throughout the planning, the actions carried out, the verification and the implementation of the CSR approach and the ISO 26 000 standard during the years 2018-2019.

Examples of CSR commitments made by ESTECH


Environment, climate and biodiversity

We have also drafted a CSR charter and an ethical charter, available to all employees within the company, which describes all our commitments to the 7 pillars. You can find them in the pdf link.